3 major differences between education now and in the past

Lesson after lesson, listening to a teacher and doing homework in the evening was not really for me in the past. There were always better things to do. Well, and then just try to stamp a few chapters in your head at the last minute before an exam. I made so many cheat sheets!
Fortunately, things are different today with my part-time Business Administration degree. There are three major differences compared to the education of the past. 

Control in my hands
I experience it as quite a liberation that I am in control of my part-time study. The learning outcomes determine to what extent I must possess the skills and knowledge. It also describes how you can demonstrate this. I decide for myself how I proceed with a learning outcome. I use teaching materials such as; films, TV series and textbooks that are presented. I apply the theory in my daily practice. There are no teachers who flood me every week with well-intended lectures full of teaching material that I can also read independently. The best thing about getting started myself is that I often find that I know more than I thought.

No exams
You know it: the stamping and endless practice for an exam while you know that the material has already sunk a week later. During a part-time study, most learning outcomes are concluded with a portfolio. So you don’t have exams at fixed times. In the portfolio I show what knowledge I have gained and how I have applied it or will apply it. I usually use a practical case from my work with which I assess myself on the indicated indicators. In the meantime, I can discuss my practical case and portfolio with a teacher and with my fellow students. The learning outcome is ultimately assessed and concluded during an assessment interview with the teacher.

Time and place independent
It gives me a lot of freedom that an afternoon and/or evening program with lectures is not scheduled every week. I schedule the majority of my study time at times that suit me. I do like to make use of the few inspirational lectures that are given. In this the way is shown in the learning outcome and the theory. This usually involves three or four lectures in a ten-week period. My study time is also independent of time and place. For example, I like to study on Sundays or during my study leave afternoon at the kitchen table at home.

I am happy to be in charge of my studies, my study progress and my personal and professional development.