5 reasons to choose the Associate degrees Academy

Are you about to leave high school? With your diploma in your pocket? Then there is again something to choose! You can of course close your books and look for a nice position. But what if you feel you’re not ready yet? That there’s more to it? And that you still want to specialize before you apply, or broaden it? Then it may just be that you will be happy with an Associate degree.

An Associate degree (Ad) is a 2-year program at HBO level that is a perfect match for MBO. While a bachelor’s degree is often long and theoretical, an Ad is short and practical. Curious? The Associate degrees Academy is located in the heart of Roosendaal. Here we provide full-time Ads in various directions and outflow profiles. Still unsure about your next step? You’ll be over in 5 reasons!

1. ‘You learn the most by just doing it.’ ( Thomas Hopstaken , Computer Science)
Our education is practice-oriented. Of course you also get theory, but what you learn you immediately apply in projects and during internships. This makes an Ad very suitable for MBO students. After an Ad you have level 5, which is between MBO 4 and Bachelor. That means that you speak the language of the workplace, but also that of the policymakers. And that’s exactly the kind of employee that many companies are looking for.

2. ‘It only takes 2 years and you can move on.’ (Jara van Wamel , Business Administration)
With our full-time programs you will receive your HBO diploma after 2 years. Because we connect well with MBO, there is also a good chance that this will be successful. You can then apply for positions with HBO level. Or you can continue your studies. Related bachelors often have a tailor-made program, so that after your Ad you can complete your bachelor’s degree in 2 years. So all options are still open!

3. ‘The Entrepreneur profile is the best match for me!’ ( Femke van Popering , Business Administration – Entrepreneur)
Our academy has 9 courses and 11 exit profiles. This means that you can very specifically choose a specific profession. In Business Administration, for example, for a marketer or entrepreneur. And at HRM for recruiter or talent coach. Companies are happy with this because they can benefit from professionals with a clear specialism.

4. ‘The teacher is more of a coach.’ ( Maaike Bakx , Human Resource Management)
Education is slightly different from what you are used to. For example, the teacher does not stand in front of the group, but next to it. You really work together. You can also just text your teacher if you have a question. You also work in many groups on real assignments from companies in the region. If you need extra guidance, Student Success is available. This is the place to go if you want to develop yourself personally or if you need support.

5. ‘It is a small course and the atmosphere is good .’ ( Joan Castelijn , Built Environment)
Our academy is small-scale, so that you can easily contact your teachers. In any case, the lines are short with us and everyone is easily approachable. The building is fresh and open. There are open classrooms and places to work quietly or just relax. You can blow off steam at the ping pong table!