A four-year course after my secondary vocational education; do I want that?

You graduate from high school with a nice diploma, but what are you going to do now? Are you going to work right away or do you want to continue studying? This is a difficult choice that every high school graduate is faced with. What’s going through your head? Another four years in school? In this blog I will tell you which options you have to transfer after your high school diploma.

First of all congratulations on your diploma, well done! But before you start lazing about, you should first think about what you want to do with your diploma. You can go to work and earn money (sounds very attractive), but you can also continue to learn (maybe sound a little less attractive). If you continue to study, you go to higher professional education and you are stuck with a course for another four years; do you think. But that is not the case, there are various options for continuing your studies.

bachelor’s degree programs You have completed the bachelor’s degree programmes; these last four years. The HZ offers 24 different college bachelor’s degrees. These vary a lot, so you can study Communication, just like me, but you can also study Nursing or Architecture. If you have completed these courses, you will have a bachelor’s degree.

Two-year associate degree programs
Are you really no longer interested in a four-year program, but do you want to continue your studies? Then the HZ has recently come up with the perfect solution. You can now follow an Associate degree. Now I hear you thinking: “What is that?”. I’m going to explain that. An Associate degree is a two-year practice-oriented higher professional education programme. Your diploma is therefore a legally recognized college diploma.

The level of this program is between high school level 4 and college bachelor’s degree 6. These courses are very much in line with practice. Once you have completed the training, you can start working for a company or organisation. If you are ambitious and still want to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, then your associate degree program also connects well with any further education. HZ currently offers 10 different Associate degrees in collaboration with Avans University of Applied Sciences. You can follow this at the Associate Degree Academy in Roosendaal.

Studying alongside your job: a part-time college program
Do you decide to work after your high school? Then you can always follow a part-time college course later in your career. Also part-time are both associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees.

So to bring up the questions we had at the beginning. To the question ‘What are you going to do now?’, well, I can’t say much about that. But as you can read in my blog, there are several options to continue studying.