I want something with economics, but what?

After you have received your high school or high school diploma, you can choose from many college courses. In the first place, it is useful if you choose a sector. For example: Economy, Healthcare or Technology. Do you want something with economics? Then read my blog. I have listed all economics courses so that you can quickly see the difference!

Everyone chooses an education for a reason. I myself chose to study Business Administration. Why? Because the training is broad and I can do all kinds of things with it. In this way, everyone has to make the decision for themselves and answer the question: “what do I want to achieve with my education and what do I find important in a study?” To help you, here’s an overview of HZ’s economics courses:

Business administration

Are you interested in a broad field? And would you like to get the best out of a company or organization? Then Business Administration is the course for you. In this course you will gain knowledge about management matters, financial-economic aspects, business administration and legal matters. Do you want to delve into one of these matters? You can do this through your minor.

Commercial economy

Do you like selling and are you good at it? Do you know how to attract consumers in a creative way? Then I would go for the Commercial Economics degree. With this training you will gain knowledge about marketing, sales and media. With the Commercial Economics program you will be trained to become commercial talent at HZ. Take the challenge!


Are you good at conveying messages and are you good at writing texts? Then the Communications course might be a good choice for you. In the Communications course you will learn everything about the subject of Communication. Communication is very important for companies and organizations. Use your creative ideas to bring out the best.

Finance & Control (Business Economics)

Do you enjoy working in the financial field? Then the Finance & Control training is for you! As a business economist you know everything within the organization in the financial field. You deal with budgets, investment plans and financial statements. With this training you will become an expert in finance!

Human Resource Management

Are you good with people and do you like to help others? Then the Human Resource Management course is right for you! In this course you will learn everything about human resources. You know how to motivate and guide others. You learn to help others develop and grow in business and personal aspects. Use your service skills to create the best possible atmosphere among each other.

International Business

Have you always dreamed of an international job? Would you like to have an international career? Then the International Business course is the course for you! With this English-taught degree you get the opportunity not only to study in the Netherlands, but also to go abroad for three semesters! With this training you will learn to make connections abroad and you will have the opportunity to travel and learn new languages.

Try to find your passion for economics in an education to choose the right education. It is of course important to collect as much information about training as possible. You do this by, for example, searching the internet, going to open days and talking to students. I especially recommend the latter, speaking with a student. A student already has experience with the training. You can ask him what to expect and whether this suits you!