Part-time college education: what does it actually cost?

If you are considering studying part-time, there are several considerations running through your mind. Because what does it cost you to follow a part-time course next to your job? Do the costs outweigh the benefits? In this blog we tell you more about how much a part-time study will cost you financially.

Whether you follow a study with a private provider or a public provider: following a study generally costs money. You pay a tuition fee or tuition fee. And there are often costs for books, study material and excursions. These additional costs differ per study programme. If you have a preference for a course, it is useful to check in advance how much costs for books, teaching materials and other other costs will be added.

Private provider
With a private provider you usually pay for various costs: registration fee, tuition, study costs, exam costs, reproduction rights and other costs. This differs per provider and per course. And whether you opt for on-site education or e-learning. An example: for an Associate degree program in Business Administration, with education on location, a private individual pays more than € 13,000.

Public provider
If you follow a course with a public provider, where education is funded by the government, you pay a tuition fee. This tuition fee consists of a statutory rate and an institutional rate. The statutory rate is the same for every government-funded institution; this is determined by the government. The institutional rate is determined by the institution itself. For a part-time college program at the HZ, you pay an institutional fee of EUR 1,600 in 2019-2020. If you follow an Associate degree program in Business Administration and you complete it within two years, it will in principle cost you 2x €1,600 = €3,200, excluding costs for books. The government will also meet you. In order to encourage people to develop further, the regulations ‘halving tuition fees’ have been created.

Halving tuition fees
Students who have never followed a higher professional education program before are eligible for a halving of the tuition fees in the first year. This means that at HZ you pay EUR 800 for a part-time course in the first year, instead of €1,600. If you follow a teacher training course, the tuition fees are even halved for the first two years. You can check whether you are eligible for a halving of the tuition fees via this infographic from the government .

Does your employer pay?
It’s great if your employer wants to pay for your studies. Your employer can receive a subsidy if you develop further. Usually the trade association of your sector knows where this subsidy can be applied for. This saves you a lot of costs and your employer gets an even better trained employee in return.

Are you considering studying part-time alongside your job? Then you now know approximately how much costs you can expect. Do you still have doubts and would you like to discuss your situation? Request a consultation. During this meeting you can discuss all your questions and considerations.