What do you do after a wrong study choice?

Do you realize that you have made the wrong study choice? Then you are not alone. In general, young people find it difficult to make a good choice for the longer term, as a result of which most do not know what they want in the future. But what do you do if you think you’ve made the wrong study choice?

Start the conversation

If you have any doubts or have a nagging premonition that your study is not the right choice, talk to a dean or study advisor. They can present you various options. Also ask your parents, classmates and seniors for advice. Discuss with them whether you want to stop, switch or continue.

Realize what you don’t want

Now that you know you made the wrong choice, at least you know what you don’t want. That is already a step in the right direction. List what you liked and disliked about the course. Then look up as much information as you can about studies and ask others about their experiences. If you think you know enough, you can eliminate some options and make the right choice.

You want to switch

If you have another study in mind that you think would suit you better, stop with your current study first. You can deregister in Studielink, so that you pay tuition fees until the date you start your study. Give yourself some rest and then start the next moment that the training starts again. You can spend the remaining part of the year on a job or part-time job or on a trip!

You really want to stop

If you are sure that this study does not suit you, stop as soon as possible. Arrange the practical matters right away: deregister at Studielink and at DUO. Many do not know which study they want to do after they have stopped. In this case, it is smart to take a gap year. This way you can take the time to make a decision and develop yourself in other areas.

For example, you can take the time to travel or expand your hobbies. You can also look for a job or start a business. By keeping yourself busy with different things, you can develop yourself. These developments are important for making the right study choice in the future. Take the time to look at different options and research what suits you best.

Get on

Perhaps after a lot of research you will find out that your choice of study was not so bad after all and you think the professions that you can eventually become with it are a good fit for you. It’s nice to reconsider your choice and be happy with your choice.

What to do after a wrong choice?

So don’t dwell on it! Start the conversation and build up sufficient self-knowledge. Then look up as much information as you can about studies and ask others about their experiences. Then make the choice: switch, stop or continue anyway.