What else does a part-time study bring, besides a college certificate?

Making the right choice
That sought-after college diploma was the reason for starting the study. However, I wondered if business administration was a logical choice, since I work in a healthcare organization. I have made a number of considerations. What else did I want to learn? What could I use this study for? What else would this study bring me, besides just that college paper? 

I immediately became enthusiastic after reading more information about business administration on the internet. That is why I went to the open day at the HZ afterwards. I am now very happy with my choice, because this broad study offers me deepening in many aspects of my current work. In addition, it also provides a lot of knowledge for a possible future position. 

Working with learning outcomes
The different learning outcomes in the first semester made me think about what I had achieved in the past and what I wanted to do in the future. This mainly came back when I looked at the results of the components of task maturity and career planning and personal development. They make you think very consciously about who you are, what you do and what you want. 

This study will make you think very differently. The learning outcomes programmed in business administration provide a broad basis of knowledge and skills that you can use in your current or future work environment.

An additional advantage – if you have children in secondary school and are looking for a suitable further education for them – is that this study shows how it all works at a university of applied sciences. By following a part-time study, you therefore not only work on your own future, but also on that of your possible family.

Are you considering studying part-time alongside your job? Do you still have doubts and would you like to discuss your situation? Request a consultation. During this meeting you can discuss all your questions and considerations.