What is the difference between high school and college?

Many of you are faced with the choice: do I go to high school or college? I myself was faced with this choice. Because this choice is not always easy, I hope I can help you with this blog. I myself have completed both an high school and college education. For the doubters, I have put a few differences on paper, so that you can better make a choice that suits you!

Degree of independence

At senior secondary vocational education level, I experienced that many things are arranged for you. They really hold your hand throughout your training. I found this to be a major disadvantage at high school, because you don’t have to think as much about solutions yourself. This is different with college. There, a greater degree of independence is expected of you. Do you have a problem? Then you will have to think about this yourself first. I’ve noticed that the teachers at college do not mind if you don’t do your homework, for example. You are there for yourself, and will therefore also have to work for yourself. Because college offers this freedom, I get to know myself in a way that high school has never offered me.

The link with practice

The biggest difference I have experienced between high school and college is the link with practice. Where I mainly experienced practical lessons in high school, in college I really learned to make the link between theory and practice. I experience much more depth in my college education and thus acquire a theoretical perspective. Because of this depth I learn to make connections with different assignments, but also in my daily life. I also noticed this difference in the exams I had to take. The exams I took at senior secondary vocational education are really focused on the theory from the book. While the exams I have taken at higher professional education are aimed at applying the learned material.

Project Groups

In higher professional education I had a lot to do with the phenomenon of “project groups”. To give you an idea: I worked in four different project groups during the past school year. These groups consisted of different classmates each time. But also from students from other study programmes. Apart from the fact that I have mastered the material, I have also learned how to really work together. Of course, this has not always been without a struggle. But it is precisely because of this friction that I have learned how to deal with difficult and personal situations. This is a factor that I did not experience in high school.

Organize your own time

At secondary vocational education there was always a compulsory attendance and the teachers were always short. I don’t experience this at college. I am very released and can organize my own time. Of course there are classes that I have to attend. There are only fewer contact hours with the teachers and more moments when I have to work independently. In the end, I spend as much time per week in school at college as I did at high school. But I decide a lot myself when I spend that time.

I hope that my experiences help you to gain a better understanding of the difference between high school and college. And that after reading this blog you will be better able to make a choice that suits you, because you know the difference between high school and college.