Which social education program is right for you?

Behavior, education or would you rather work in healthcare?
Would you like to work with people and do something for society? There is a good chance that a social studies study program will suit you. Do you dream of a job in healthcare? Do you want to transfer knowledge to others? Or do you want to do something good for society by positively influencing someone’s behaviour? With these tips and the accompanying visual of this domain, you can quickly choose a study program that suits you. And your study time can begin!

Working with people: what are your interests?
Start your search by finding a target group that appeals to you. Who do you want to work with in the future? Does a group of children around you make you happy, or would you rather help vulnerable elderly people with their care needs? The visual describes which type of work is appropriate for each target group. We make a distinction here between courses aimed at behaviour, education or care. 

Studying part-time or full-time: what appeals to you?
At HZ we offer both part-time and full-time courses. The biggest difference? Studying full-time means that you go to school all week and sometimes also do internships during this school time. With part-time you already have a workplace and you will delve further into your field. You usually go to school one day a week and the rest of the time you focus on your job and study. Would you like to study flexibly ? 

Associate degree or a bachelor’s degree: what’s the difference?
You can opt for an Associate degree or a Bachelor’s degree. The biggest difference? An Associate degree program lasts an average of two years and is mainly practice-oriented. This is a level 5 training, in which practice and strategy come together. In this animation we tell you more about the differences between an Ad and a bachelor . With an Associate degree in your pocket you can usually continue your studies in the third year of a subsequent bachelor’s degree. You can check this with the bachelor you want to follow after the Ad. A bachelor’s degree often takes four years in which you are trained to become a strategic thinker. You learn to translate the acquired knowledge into practice. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you can progress to a relevant master’s degree.